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Just love your Aussie birds


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Not really a wildlife photographer but have managed to snap a few birds on our trips to Australia.  You have some very colourful ones too.  Will add a couple now and will have to dig some more out :D

First one a kookaburra I photographed when our daughter lived at Frenchs Forest,it came to pay us a visit.


This one I photographed on our last trip up at Byron Bay.  An osprey seeing off a crow.



Anyone else got any bird pictures they can add ?


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Yes, John, Galahs, very cheeky buggers too... get up to all sorts of antics. That is a pair as well, I can't recall if Galahs mate for life like a lot of other cockatoos. We had three as pets over the years. My favourite was named "Stupid". He was actually my father's pet. Dad would teach him different things but the party trick was to get someone new to the bird to go and ask the following question, "How's your bum?" and Stupid woud reply "Full of feathers, How's your's?"

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Ok here are a few more,have tried to name them but may well be wrong,feel free to jump in :-rolleyes

A crested pigeon I photographed at Ayres Rock

http://IMG_5517 prc.jpg

A bush turkey I photographed in the Daintree Rainforest


An egret I photographed at Griffiths Island

http://IMG_5296 prc.jpg

A Darter I photographed at Manly Dam


A groupe of Great Cormorants I photographed at Byron Bay


Will dig out a few different parrot photos next


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