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another week on the Nambucca


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My holidays are over so its back to work and my usual fishing.

Finished off my annual leave with some family camping at Gumma reserve, anyone visiting the area Gumma provides cheap bush camping on the river only 10 minutes from town. The fishing is still a little slow as it always is towards the end of the school holidays. The first afternoon only gave me a wounded sense of pride when I had to shore the kayak and go cross country to get back to my launch point because of the gale force winds.

The next morning seemed far more promising unfortunately all I had to show from  the morning session was small whiting and flatties. Starting working the mangrove edges from the kayak with an sx40 at high tide and after a cast landed right at the edge it was nailed on the second twitch, the fish tore off at speed up towards the branches I was thinking jack but after a lengthy tussle out came a solid bream.


The next day seemed brighter with the bream monkey off my back the next day seemed brighter, headed up river to an inlet in search of flathead, after many fruitless casts and a couple of miniature fish I twitched an sx40 across a promising piece of broken weed and sand flat, had the classic steady take on the pause and the rod loaded up straight away I knew it was a good fish and I instinctively back the drag off after about 8 solid runs she came up beside the yak the fish only measured 62cm but was bulky, she was sent off unscathed. the leader was cob web after from the flatties teeth.


My last session before returning to work was my favorite tree the bream were know where  to be seen but the moses perch kept me busy the bigger models have finally come back on the bite.


To finish off a tough but fun weeks fishing I stopped for a jack cast at the local bridge on the way to work, I have gone for a bit heavier gear (10lb braid and 15ib leader), and I was rewarded with a nice little low 30's jack it was nice being able to muscle him out of some very nasty structure and a very satisfying way to finish the week.



that's it for the Nambucca river for another week

thanks for reading



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