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Hot day for sport


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Had a day away from the water today, headed to Canberra to try and wear out my daughter at a triathlon.

Triathlons aren't something she takes seriously, they are just another of her many interests and one that helps burn a little of her energy.

Coming from a pretty quiet town where we don't have the coaches or the sponsors of the city teams she felt a little intimidated by the 900+ entries and 31 teams. 

The temps were close to 40'c but didn't stop her coming away with another bronze medal, funny thing is she always feels like running again straight after a race!!!...needs to go harder!!

Back on track again she's now wanting to chase marlin tomorrow:D




The new shorts she bought that wont show fish blood (she hopes!!)


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1 hour ago, Blackfish said:

All Schools Triathlon coming up ????

Bloody long way for you folk.

She will be there:D she came 9th last year in her race but believe it or not she had only just learnt to swim a stroke for that one. She's been snorkelling and diving from a toddler but never learnt any strokes so after 12 months of pool work she hopes to be quicker this time around.

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