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Hard going on the 'Bidgee

big Neil

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Still finding the fishing hard going, with the river still running quick and water levels varying each day. Went out with mate Jeff on Friday and he got a small Cod, while I got nothing. Thought a

time of day change might help so I headed out solo, at first light this morning. No interest during the first few hours and then I started to get a few bites, converting each bite into a catch. Ended

up with 8 Cod in 6 hours, in the range of 40 - 53 cms. Couldn't even get any keepers. Packed it in at lunch time when the sun was getting too hot to handle. I'm starting to think that the continuous flow of cold water,  infused from the dams, is responsible for the fish all but shutting down...certainly the larger ones are keeping off the radar. Not to worry, a hard day on the river is better than any day elsewhere. Here's a few pics which show the sort of conditions today. BN


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Went out with mate Geoff yesterday and tried a different area where we haven't fished for 12 months. We explored locations a long way upstream from the ramp and ended up with 21 Cod between us, in 6 hours. Still no keepers though, the biggest going 52 cms. Even though that sounds like a lot of fish for a session, I reckon that we could have done much better. BNIMG_6286resize.jpgIMG_6288resize.jpgIMG_6289resize.jpgIMG_6290resize.jpgIMG_6294resize.jpgIMG_6297resize.jpgIMG_6303resize.jpg

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