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Port Hacking


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Weather was a bit warm today after the sun was up.

Headed out early to Lilli Pilli, tried for tailor and pulled out 3, all just over the size limit, so not big fish at all. A few more bites that did not hook up. Pillies and fish strips for bait. Pulled out a few yakkas, so sent one out as a livie. All it did was swim about for nearly an hour without a touch.

The baits that sank to the bottom were grabbed by crabs - pulled out 3 reasonable sized ones.

Headed to Maianbar to pump nippers, and drifted a few different spots for 2 whiting about 30cm, and a 42cm flattie. A couple of undersized fish and that was it, rather quiet.

While off Lilli Pilli, only saw 1 fish splash near the boat, a couple of birds further out diving to the water, but that lasted about 10 seconds then all gone.

Much rain needed to colour the water and bring the fish on the bite.

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23 hours ago, GoingFishing said:

Yowie you must be a tough man if u consider mondays weather a "bit warm" 

great report as always, hope the hacking fires up for u soon

Hope it fires up soon too. As for the heat, just had to keep moving about to get a cool breeze.

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