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Land based Jew - cracked my first meter!


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Well what an interesting night that was...

Plan was originally to fish the high tide change off a mates boat, in hole that's been producing a lot lately.

Was picked up around 6, had a quick crack of the tide change at 6:30pm for one pretty solid salmon which ended up back in the drink.

Though i already had a couple of squid i'd caught earlier, we decided to go try for a few more just around the corner, and hang a bait out the back while we drifted. 

Things were a little slow, and we only got one up between us so the decision was made to head back and settle in for the night except... the battery had died.

Thankfully after a phone call here, and a play around there, we got the engine running - and i was able to get dropped off back to my car. 

It was around 10pm at this point, and armed with some fresh squid and yakkas i thought it'd still be worth having a crack just off the jetty and wait for the tide change.

Only problem was the jetty access was tricky to say the least... 

So off come the jeans, socks and shoes... and i wade out, hoist all my gear up onto the ledge and make my way down the pier. 

First bait in the water was a squid head, which lasted all of 2 minutes in the water - and boy did this thing take some line...

I tussled with it for a good 7-8 minutes or so when the unfathomable happens... he just drops it.

Brought it in, squid head still on... I could have cried. (maybe i did shed a little tear...)

In disbelief, i call my mates who had just dropped my off and they were a little sceptical to say the least. 

Still sitting there like a stunned mullet, i facetime my cousin to tell him what had just happened and then - zzzzzzZZZzzzzZZzzZZZZzZzzzzzzzzzzz.


Not sure if it was the same fish, or just a school of similar sized ones but i knew this felt solid. 

Such was my carry on, i had people watching from their houses, giving me advice; "take it to the stairs! no, take it up the beach!".

I was a little flustered to say the least, and having no net, being on my lonesome, with lightning strikes getting imminently closer - i really thought i wouldn't be able to pull this one off.

Alas, after a good 20 minute struggle, and carefully working him around the pylons of the wharf and up the stairs (thank god i didn't try and lift him up...), i had landed my PB jewie - land based to boot - and in my undies if it makes it any better... 

As i lifted him into the light, cheers echoed from the street - a very proud moment indeed. 

101cm, and i don't like to estimate weight, because too often it sounds hyperbolic, but 10kgs would be a conservative estimate... he was a horse!





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Well done, the magic metre jewie is a milestone that few casual anglers have managed to crack.

Fish of a lifetime, what a ripper!

Excellent report - the memorable moments always creep up on you when you least expect it.


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thanks for the kind words everyone! really does mean a lot. 

managed to snag another out of the same spot last night (just under legal so he went back), along side dropping a salmon after some moonlit acrobatics, and a few other big takes on live yakkas and slimies.

my best mate hooked into an unstoppable (and he was using my heavier stick - 50lb braid / 60lb leader, biomaster 6000) with locked up drag - stripped it like fairy floss, could barely get the rod out of the holder and pinged him in 20 seconds. 

one can only wonder...



edit: photo, of course. 



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