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Lake Macquarie storm Sat night


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It was a beautiful afternoon. I could see the storm in the foreground but looked like a small storm. 

That was storm number 1 though. Was small. Checked the weather and said chance of rain  no mention of storm. First storm came through, no problem.

However i could see a second storm brewing and looked bigger and looked like it was going to hang around. Everyone was still out fishing so we thought we stay out too as we just got in the water. Late start in the day for us. 

The storm arrived and was ok until it went into beast mode. We were anchored close to shore on the main channel, soon as the wind hit it got crazy. The anchor couldn't hold and i was drifting straight to a barge. Somehow we had to get the anchor up while bouncing like a cork, had the boat in forward with a bit of force and the boat wasnt moving with the strength of the waves and wind. Got the anchor up and we were on our way to the ramp. Got to the ramp with the aid of the gps at night with just noise everywhere, made everything harder. Got to the ramp and there was a bloke pulling up so had to wait  could only go on one side of the jetty, was worried it was going to be a crash landing with a 6m boat! Boats were starting to come in and i knew etiquette will go out the window, so i gunned it and beached it close to the jetty, lucky that went smoothly. By then other boaters arrived and we all helped eachother. This guy said he was at wangi wangi side and had to go through 2m waves. It was rough in the channel, it was unbelievable how it changed. 

Poor girl in in the other boat was dying to get off the boat  she must of been pretty scared. This storm easily lasted an hour+




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