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Sounder for OK Prowler 4.3 Ultra


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Recently I upgraded my yak from a Tarpon 100 to a second hand OK Prowler Ultra 4.3. I have had it for a month or so and am starting to look into a sounder for it but have a few questions that I'm hoping someone may have answers to. 

1. I want to make use of the transducer scupper hole but do I have to use a Humminbird model? Do Garmin transducers fit?
2. Do I need to purchase the transducer kit? I have tried locating one but can't seem to find one online in Aus
3. Do you need to drill a hole to feed the cable for the battery?

Would love to hear what other OK owners have done. Previously on the Tarpon I had an internal wet mount which I had to add water to each session. Found it pretty annoying hence trying to make use of the OK preset scupper.

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