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silly mistakes.


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Kicking myself...


Had another crack for some Jewies tonight, and while not exactly 'firing' - still saw enough action to keep us entertained.

I took a mate and his cousin who was out from Japan to hopefully snag some nice fish, or at least get to hear that sweet reel music.

While we didn't land any of our target species, they were happy catching livies below the wharf, with the odd bream/tarwhine/snapper etc. thrown in.

Me... not so happy. 

First decent hook up i had was on a butterflied yakka, with my 50lb outfit keeling over, signifying something fairly decent. 

It popped just below the leader knot, which i later learnt was due to another friend having accidentally nicked the fluorocarbon while trimming back tag ends. Oh well.

Next fish was a monster. On my 20lb gear, drag started screaming at a rate of knots. Before it got to the moorings i tried to tighten up on it a little, and my albright knot fails. Not exactly sure why, whether it be the knots inherent vulnerability or me just rushing it a little in the dark while trying to look after others, but regardless - the fish would have been comfortably over 10kg, and i let out a few expletives - to say the least.

No less than 5 minutes later, the 50lb outfit goes again. Not quite as big, but still a solid fish, we managed to gain a bit of ground on it when... yep. Albright fails again. My fault entirely, and am still filthy. 

Rain started to set in, so off we went, heads in hands and feeling very sorry for ourselves. 

Time to master the FG knot me thinks...

PS: Caught this guy under the wharf while grabbing yakkas - hadn't seen one before, and apologies if it has already been posted in the Aquarium section, but was curious as to what it may be. Emperor of some kind?




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6 hours ago, dirvin21 said:

red morwong Cheilodactylus fuscus

I used to have issues with the Albright knot until I started using a second pass through the loop before wrapping the braid around the fluro since then I haven't had one slip

Thanks Dirvin, might give that a go if i can't get the FG not down...

As i mentioned, i have a feeling it might have been me just rushing the knot, or not paying enough attention when tying it as i had others out that i was trying to entertain. The albright actually very rarely fails on me, and have aught plenty of solid fish on it - just unfortunate to have it pop twice on two good fish in a row. Certainly an error on my part.


4 hours ago, big Neil said:

FG is a better option in my opinion. Not hard to learn to tie either. Anyway I enjoyed reading your report M. Good luck next time. BN

Cheers Neil - i know what i'll be doing when i get home!


2 hours ago, Aeger said:

I use the FG and have never had it break on me. Still sounded like an exciting session

Exciting it was, just a shame i couldn't back up my recent catches for my guests.


2 hours ago, Green Hornet said:

Frustrating session, dropping so many good fish.

A properly tied FG is the best leader knot going. Learn to tie it and you'll never look back.

To say the least Green Hornet. I have practiced it a few times, and when i finally tied one that i felt confident in, i flung a $30 lure off into the horizon, which shot my confidence a little. Will give it another crack for sure.


1 hour ago, kiwicraig said:

@mitchie18092 there is a link here to a video I used to learn the FG.  Once you have it mastered you can do it in the dark or bobbing around in a boat no worries.

Great link craig, thanks for that.

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FG is a good knot but I have found no good for repeated casting (ie. 100 casts or more per session) like if you are spinning with lures and it has to pass through the guides over and over. I reckon its OK for lighter lines (ie. leader 20lb or 30lb mono) but with heavier leaders and 100g lures the constant punishment of flying through the guides ends up compromising the knot even if tied well. I still use it now when spinning but keep the FG knot outside the guides and wear a glove or tape finger for casting. Can also get wind knot issues with the braid if the knot has to pass through the guides.

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I've done countless hours of knot testing over the years and have settled on a version of the Albright. I go 12 over and 10 back, but the type of start and finish is important.

My advice is to spend the time testing your knots and examples over and over at home, until your sure they are strong and reliable.  

Bad luck Mitchie, but at least you know you were doing the right things and can go back and try again. 

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I had multiple failures on this knot when spinning but the reason was i was rushing. Ab knot with 8 to 10 turns up and down and put the tail back in the same wayit enters works for me. I test my knots with a 5 and 10 kg dumbbell.


Good luck next time.

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Guest Guest123456789

A uni to uni knot (10 turns in braid side 4 turns on Fluoro side) is another option for you mitchie until you can master the FG. Pretty hard to tie it incorrectly - it's as strong as an FG I think it just won't run through the guides very well, if at all.

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