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Picking up... and a funny one.

big Neil

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So the weather appears to be getting a bit warmer. Anyone notice? Water demands must still be high as the 'Bidgee is still running pretty quick. Been out 4 times since the 30/1/17 and started getting a lot more fish. Caught 11, 11, 21, 11 in the 4 trips with only 1 Trout Cod, no Yellowbelly and no Carp either. Interesting catch yesterday with a small Murray Cod and a Mussel sharing the bait. This isn't the first time I've caught both at the same time, either.IMG_6314resize.jpgIMG_6315resize.jpg

Have been using a variety of bait during the recent trips and yesterday was the first day that yabbies have been taken. Will need to get some big yabbies for the next trip out. The take when using them is great...always catches you by surprise as there's no indication of a bite till the rod doubles over, and the fun begins.

Funny what kids remember. Last time one of the girls visited I took their 2 kids fishing and they caught a very nice Cod and several large Carp. Now Carp can't be returned (alive) to the water, so I always take a hammer with me to despatch them. I explained to the grandkids that the Carp are a pest and that they eat other fishes eggs and babies and the Fisheries want us to kill them, quickly and humanely. I despatched the Carp with a wallop to the head with the hammer. When the daughter was at the coast and told them they were going fishing the 5 yr old grandson said "we can't go fishing Mummy". Daughter asks why and gets told "because we haven't got a hammer". Tight lines till next time, BN


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All them Cod, sounds like I should be there Neil! 
unfortunately I wont get there until Easter once I settle on the bank I will send you an sms of our location. Until then you just make sure you throw all the legal ones back so there for Craig_Horner, Brudus & myself.

Cheers; Brett


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