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Rechargeable lights


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Just a heads up lads not to leave these new style lights that charge from usb leads unattended. After my daughters early morning bike training session I popped her light on charge as I normally do, luckily I was sitting next to it having a look on this site when the torch burst into flames sending a rocket type high pressure flame about in length. It seemed to settle down a little before bursting into sparks, flames and smoke once again.
I quickly got it onto a dinner plate and chucked it outside where it continued to fizz and smoulder. Im sure if nobody had been in the house, the house boat and cars would be no more.
There are many head torches now using these usb lion type batteries, this isn't the first for us either, my sons remote car with lion batteries also went up in flames while on charge in my garage.
My advice is don't leave home leaving these on charge, you may not be as lucky as I was.
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A little smell remedy

1 desert spoon (20 Ml) of Double D Eucalyptus oil-- 500Ml of water and 1 drop of dishwasher liquid. Shake.

Wipe one surfaces (Test first) and spray in squirt bottle on carpet. (i use more Eucalyptus oil but it can damage)

Hope it helps.

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