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Disaster week


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As the title suggests, I have had one hell of a dissapointing week.
Started as I was on my way to Bermagui with boat in tow, I got to Nowra and the heat guage started to rocket towards the boil mark, lucky I was
close to a service station so bought a container and filled it with water, Couldn't see any obvious faults so let it cool and topped up the radiator
Got as far as Ulladulla and up she went again, this time as I was putting in water I could see it leaking out from the overflow bottle.
Filled up again when it cooled down got another 15 k down the road and again she got hot. There was that much road works going on I didn't want to
boil in a cue and not moving so I chose a decent spot and pulled over. By this time the leak had got worse and I knew it was hopeless to try and continue on
so I rang my mate at Bermi and he came up to pick me up. After sitting on the side of the road boiling hot with no shade for 3 1/2 hours he turned up
with the 4x4 so we put the boat on the back of the 4x4 and filled the commodore with water once again, took the grill out and left the bonnett
on the safety latch so it got more air flow. Managed to get it to my mates place, next day put it in the garage to get fixed while we went fishing.
Fishing for 2 days and not a single fish due to lousy windy conditions that made lure casting a nightmare.
Day 3 I decided to drive home minus boat as my mate can use it for a couple of weeks till I get down there again.
Anyhow the water problem now fixed the car was running great, that is till I got to Marouya when it started coughing and spluttering and making weird
knocking noises. I pulled it over to the side of the road and rang a mate in Sydney to come and pick me up, that was at 4.30 in the afternoon.
Due to my mate having a few commitments he ended up getting there at 11.30 pm loaded all my gear into his ute and got home at 3.30 am.
Next day I organised to have my car picked up and taken back to Bermi ( another mate with a car float ) since then my mate has said he has driven my car
around heaps and it hasn't missed a beat. Doesn't matter I have now lost faith in it and now have bought another Commodore wagon as I like them and
will now sell the one down Bermi.
To end the saga I have sold my boat to my mate in bermi to cover cost of newer car, so now I don't have a Bass boat any more, so back to the drawing board.\
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Wow bummer of a trip, hopefully your mate might take you out when you travel down this way. Sometimes I think it would be good to let someone else have all the maintance and rego's etc that go with owning boats, one less thing to worry about.


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That's a total bummer Frank. Look on the bright side, with your new commie you now have aircon :D (im assuming).
I know that feeling of losing faith in a vehicle especially for the purposes of boating (as you may remember with my car last week lol).

Also with the Bass boat now residing with your mate, works out better for you as you don't need to worry about maintenance/rego etc but you still get to use it when you're down there lol.. This should give you the motivation to get that $8 gasket that's been needed for 2+ years now for the other toy haha
For now don't fret over not having the bass boat anymore, just give me a buzz and we can tee up a day to go out for a fish on my boat (now that its easy to get my boat on and off from the trailer thanks to you).

Im going to have to agree with Johndory though, its probably best to hold off buying any lotto tickets for a while

Cheers Ojay


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Thanks guys for all your comments. To sum up where I stand now. As I said the boat has been sold to my mate Roger who lives

in Cobargo 18 k's from the boat ramp at Bermi. My old Commodore was a 2000 model Olympic special wagon A HSV vehicle and this is why I was a bit reluctant to sell it up till now, just the wheels were one of a kind mags HSV mags and worth some dollars and to date I have never seen another set of them, a few other things were HSV Olympic special as well, but we won't dwell on that now. I have decided to bite the bullet and let my mate who trailered the car back from Marouya to Cobargo buy the vehicle off me cheaply and I hope he gets good use from it. It turned out to be a $20 crank angle sensor and once replaced the car should be back to being reliable, but as I said my faith in it has been lost so let it go.

My new car ( to me ) is still an old car for many of you as I am a pensioner with very little money to throw around. it's a 2006 Commodore wagon in very good condition and I hope it will see my driving time out , I haven't done a trip in it as yet so will be driving it down to Bermi in the next couple of days.

Being 70 years of age and not all that fit I have decided to join the NRMA so any future car problems will at least be minimised, It would take me all my time these days just to change a wheel if I ever get a flat.

Yes it is good to have mates that you can call on in times of emergency's and I really don't know what I would have done without them in this case.

I can't offer anyone fishing trips now as at the moment I am boatless, till I do some work to the Half cab.

But may still be able to take John ( Snatcher ) down to bermi fishing in my old boat.

Cheers for now and I will let you know how I progress from here.



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