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Fishing Pacific Palms Offshore - Any help appreciated


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Hi All

We have a week fishing trip planned for the Pacific Palms area in a few weeks time. We will be offshore fishing and planning to launch of the beach at Elizabeth's weather permitting. I was after some help on:

1. Best locations to catch live bait (yellowtail and slimeys)

2. Any spots in close. We love to fish floating baits for snapper etc.

I was also wondering if Smith Lakes is any good for crabs as well as we were planning on taking some traps if the weather is not to good offshore. Or would it be better to try in Wallis Lake ??








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lizzy beach can be dicey if there is any swell from the nth..not a good beach for launching unless your competent at it...if you get out alright there is usually bait right on the point at seagull rock..the nth west point before you go round the front of charlotte head..if no one is lbg fishing round the front of charlotte you can go in close to the rocks and catch bait there...there are large areas of reef straight out the front from 30 mtrs to 60 mtrs...rick

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Endorse Rick's advice to fish on reef straight out .The big cliff face is called Baldface,great fishing    5 k's out.Sometimes groups of fish traps there to guide you.Marlin to flathead,big trags in daytime dollies on traps.Current can limit anchoring.

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