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new england cod

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Hi all

Stopped for a fish on the way to qld on Tuesday arvo.Conditions weren't the best(windy,rainy) but here I was so off I went. Fishing was hard. I didn't bother fishing the surface due to the conditions just plugged away with a spinnerbait. After about an hour getting wet and a bit chilly managed a 55cm cod off a snag. Thank God! Time to get off the river.

Next morning conditions were pretty good so I fished surface lures. Managed to raise about 8 or 9 fish but none found the hooks. Beautiful country so the lack of fish wasn't too much of a disappointment. 

Went out again that arvo. The weather had turned bad again but I stuck with surface lures. Finally got a hit which missed the hooks AGAIN! This time I changed rod and threw a spinnerbait just past the fish and rolled it back. Instant hookup! 53cm cod. Got another hit on the surface soon after, repeated process and another similar sized fish was in the yak. 

So all in all a pretty good first cod trip. The fishing wasn't great but I learnt heaps and discovered some beautiful coutry. I can hardly wait to go again. I'm hooked on that surface strike!






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Well done on the cod Matt.

It's never easy fishing new water. You're right, surface hit's from a cod are something else.

Thanks for popping in to say g'day. It was great to catch up after all these years. I hope the lures I gave you catch a monster cod next time!

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