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how to find leak in glass boat


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I've got water in one of the underfloor compartments (savage escort 5.1m glass boat).  where the floor fuel tank is i have bung going left, right, forward to what should be water sealed compartments (floor was recently replaced), but I'm getting water (fresh not salty) water in one side, which I presume is from rain (I get about a bucket of water every 2 months).  But I cant find out where its getting in.  Anyone have any idea's?  best so far is to stick a flare in the bunghole and see where the smoke comes out?  

Or is it possible water coming from the ocean is getting in, but salt is getting filtered out?

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Safer to use a very powerful flash light or a flood light and make a tapered funnel so it fits over the light and into the bung hole and look to see if any light shining up through the floor.



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The air pressure is a good idea.

Get an old bungplug, drill it to fit a tyre valve, screw it in and pressure ise the under floor cavity

Also use a squirt bottle with thick concentration of dishwashing liquid.

Spray it around suspected leak points and it should blow bubbles.

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