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Easter Monday


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Gday all, again a great morning to be out. Harbour again glass. Headed out the heads to the same swell that has been running for the last few days. Current dropped off from yesterday but water still dirty.

 Went south again but gave up after the toads set in,even though the water is 23°. Moved back down to Rosa wide and finally escaped the green beasts.

 Finally the fish began to chew. Interesting that every fish had empty stomachs, so it  proves that the dirty water had put them off.

 Struck a nice patch of snapper that we worked for a while and the results paid off, the biggest at 41 the rest 32s etc.  Lost a few bigger ones on the kelp trees  Had a few rat kings as well.A couple of mowies in the mix and a nice blue spot and my fav a marble. Wind completely dropped on the high tide and so did the fish. Called it a day and headed home.  As long as this water clears up the fish will be going off just hope im out rhere when they come on. Highlight of the day was a thresher that decided to do aerials next to the boat. Anyway thats a rap so there you go. 



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Farvos, its in the post lol. Big neil they were all caught on peeled Hawkesbury's and pillie heads and tails. I had fresh squid but none of it was touched. The only thing that ate it were the toads, They were chasing the fish up and demolished a little sgt baker on the way up.

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