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First Marlin Broken Bay wide

Tooby 40

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Well we started out off Broken Bay wide as we have for the last two seasons with countless hrs in search of Marlin. Conditions were good easter monday and we caught some nice dollies that kept my young bloke happy to start with then we headed towards bait station. At about 100 fathom mark we had a strike and good run but it spat it and lost. We had lost our 7 previous strikes so we were getting used to that feeling. The at about the 140fth mark we hit pay day with a double strike. Being that there was just my mate ,myself and my young son on board there was carnage until we lost the fish on the shotgun and we could just concentrate on the long rigger that was screaming. Anyway I managed to fight the Blue successfully for approx 1hr and we taged it and measured it 2.8mtrs (approx 160-180kg) amazing day. See photos



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