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beginners guide to marine radio

kingfish king

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Hi Raiders, 

I have just installed a marine radio and GPS into the new boat and want to start logging in before i go offshore. I have plenty of hours going up and down the coast but i want to start heading east now i have a GPS. and wanted to take all the proper safety precautions. 

just a few questions. 

How do i log in and on what station? also what information is asked of me?

also what channels are commercial, emergency, fishing chat between boats ect.

Is there somewhere that explains all this as i cant find to much besides the pie chart looking chart that came with the radio. 

Thanks in advance Dave. 



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Hi Dave,

Basic details below however before I get in to it there is a Radio Course that you can do and from that our instructor said they would prefer you to use the Marine Reacue App rather than the radio. This is so the radio is clear most of the time. 

Having said that you should call in regularly to make sure your radio is working. 

The app is really easy to use once you set it up with all your boat details and they can track your course as you go along. If you miss the log off time they will call you on the radio or your mobile. 

For the radio you call in on Chanel 16 with:

Marine Rescue Sydney this is (boat name) (boat name) (boat name). Boat name is repeated 3 times. 

Marine Rescue Sydney will then ask you to change stations and ask what you require. 

You then ask to log on and they will ask you further questions like location, how many people on board and how long you will be out there. 

Good luck. 

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