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Pittwater Kings


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G'day Raiders,

Had a cracking day out on the water on Friday. First drop in Pittwater on some fresh squid we'd caught the night before I hooked up to a good king which reefed me straight away on the 15lb braid and 14lb leader setup (spiderwebs as we like to call it) hahaha

very next drop hooked up to another big king on the spiderwebs and after 35 mins chasing it around in the tinny and trying to pull away from the moorings it pulled the hook while I was trying to push it out of what would've been one last mooring as the big guy was getting very tired, absolutely devastated. 

The morning continued and we hooked up to another solid king on a much heavier setup but the hooks pulled on that too. 

Finally we managed to land a rat king, and weeere ecstatic to have finally landed one haha

About half an hour later, the spiderwebs reel is screaming and we were onto another good king, 20 mins later and after diving under 2 moorings we finally got a look at the beast and we were all in shock. A few minutes later we managed to net the mammoth and we were al stoked to say the least, PB king for me!!

landed a couple of nice flatties and bream throughout the day aswell.

First time ever targeting kings specifically so I think we are doing something right! 

Tight lines Raiders




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