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First Salmon Trolling Under North Head


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The weather was great this afternoon, so I took my son out for a troll around the harbour.  First Australian Salmon (60cm) caught by a very proud boy.  We also picked up a good sized Tailor for dinner, and unfortunately missed out on something that really took off.

Thank you for the tips from raiders that I've been picking up reading posts.  I'm fairly new to fishing for things other than bream and flathead, so all the knowledge sharing is really appreciated.  Today I kept the lines shorter at only about 20m out and trolled at about 6 knots.



We also caught this fish before sending it back on its merry way.  Can anyone confirm what this fish is?  I'm guessing its a rock cod, but I'm wondering what its doing striking a lure that was probably only 3m down when we were in about 10m of water.




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