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Botany Bay Fishing

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Guys Big Big things to come me and old bro planning to properly invest our time and money into land based game fishing. We should have our setup ready shortly and all the gear required.

We are based in Sydney and are willing to travel upto 3 hours to rock platforms. We have fished Botany Bay by boat for many years so pretty much got that area covered for rock locations. WE are just after some general locations if anyone could help that would be tremendous

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wybung head and snapper point but exercise extreme care heaps of people have sadly died fishing these spots. life jackets, fish in pairs and watch it for 20mins plus before heading out to the ledge. dress in gear you can swim in (NEVER wear waders) thats not too heavy and locate an exit point should you be washed in. buy some good rock boots, the adrenalin neoprene booties with spikes will work just about everywhere. if you fish a falling tide and swell and from a dry rock that has a good slope/elevation you will be fine. seriously, any doubt don't fish it, your life aint worth a fish, if you really want to wet a line in bigger seas fish the beach for jews. you probably know all this but its for others who might view your post and consider fishing these spots.

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Better off without cleats at snapper point. It's all conglomerate rock, above the high tide line, and grippy. You're likely to snap an ankle in cleats there.  Good shoes are a must though. Assume wybung is the same but never visited 

But dido the above, stay safe

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