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What's your favourite lure ??


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Zman jerk shad 5 inch pearl. Bonito, tailor, salmon, kings, snapper, Jew.

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Jackal TN60 in the brown dog colour is an absolute ripper on flathead, especially if they have a rattle.
They're a bit heavier at 13 grams but it makes them great for fishing deeper sections of water (still catch plenty in shallower sections above 2 meters). 
The action is a simple lift and it just makes it too easy sometimes.
If i ever have a bad day targeting other species, i tie one of these on and spend an hour to leave the estuary on a good note, only thing is if you lose one its $30. 

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which favourite !!!

Narrowing it down to decide on a balance of how much fun it is to work and  how much I actually use it.

ZipBaits Skinny Pop. The small ones for early morning bream. And, the 90s probably provide the fishing I most enjoy. Salmon on the surface, in quiet waters, on light line.

I like the cheerfulness of the yellow and white ones :)



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17 hours ago, Thekoi said:

Wow my fav is the z man pearl had heaps of flatty but nothing else what action or retrieva do you prefer 

Mate use a jighead as small as you can get away with depending on current and tides, let it sink to the bottom. I like to give it a single hop and let it sink back to the bottom, most Jew and lizards will smack it as it sinks back down. Always maintain contact with your lure and be prepared to strike at any sign of a hit

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Crazy Legs Jerk Shad in chartreuse nailed me 3 really good (44cm, 48cm, 54cm) flathead in Pittwater last weekend - 2 other fishos using other SPs not successful so I guess that makes it my favourite right now!

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