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Boat Catch Launch & Retrieve

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Hi Guys 

just after some help has anyone fitted a boat catch to there boat or have one on there as i was thinking about getting one to make it a bit easier to launch & retrieve my boat when i go out on solo trips but I don't want to start drilling to many holes in the boat to fit one on, if you have any info or pictures that would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you 

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I've got one on my boat but it's a cat , I assume you have a mono hull

Is yr boat F/Glass or Aluminium ??

Either way , the procedure is the same but the first thing to check is access to the inside of the bow as when the holes are drilled u need access to tighten the nuts

set up depends on yr trailer & where u can mount the bracket , once u have that sorted & the bracket fitted ,  then fit the catch to the bracket , hold the catch to the bow , mark the holes , drill & bolt on

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You may not have to drill any holes on your boat as the latch normally fits where your winch cable hooks to the boat. I've used them but must admit I can easely save the money on my current boat by simply driving on and reaching over the front to latch the winch cable. 

I personaly don't like revinig a cold engine which is something you need to do when launching to push the boat forward to release the latch. This seems to be exadurated on our local ramp due to the poor concrete angle making boats sit to high out of the water on the trailers even when your 4x4 wheels are well in the water.

Just a few things to consider, they work well with some outfits but not all and they are quite expensive to find they don't work so well for your situation.

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I have one on my Haines Signature 492 Cuddy and it works brilliantly. I  still have to get my feet wet when I'm fishing alone, but apart from that it really is a convenience. My last boat didn't have one and I had to leave the motor in gear at high idle to stop the boat from slipping back off the trailer while I hooked up over the nose. With this, I just drive on until it catches and kill the engine. Job done. Certainly impresses the shit out of the bystanders!

BTW, this was on the boat when I bought it.



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This is what i have best thing i ever bought for the boat about $350 a little hard to install because you have to make a spacer plate so the arm or catch hook is at the right angle to the hull of the boat.

5 star

I sometimes use swell affected beach ramps and without this its just to dangerous



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13 hours ago, Geoff said:

JonD   Yr referring to Boat Latch which is different to Boat Catch

Boat catch , just pull the pin & reverse off

Yes that's right, it's the one in the above video.

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I make my own, not as pretty as the expensive ones but works the same and costs me about $10 to make + a bit of time to make and fit. It's got me beat why they are so expensive.



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Make yourself a contraption from the trailer to a rear cleat similar to this.No holes,Little expense and works a treat.It will hold your boat while you launch retrieve driving off and on.Simple drive on/off Hook rope to trailer and tie off to a rail /cleat.

I have a hook I made up on a rope I use for this purpose which works great.

Just a thought.image.jpg

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 I Don't think I'd mount the boat fitting near the water line.

it could get caught on something and rip the boat to a sudden halt.

causing all kinds of damage to boat and passengers. 

I am going to fit 1 to my boat n trailer but I will be mounting it above the winch.


im going boat catch

not boat latch


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