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Land Based Spots For Low Tide Fishing


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Just wondering if anyone has any tips for land based fishing spots in Sydney that fish well on a low tide.

I fish at Rose Bay fairly often as it's close and the beach side fishes well on a low tide in the hole.  However, with it getting to winter, I would love to find some places where I don't have to wade in.  The sting ray and numb ray stories from this spot don't inspire me much either.

I'm probably a bit green to heading for any ocean rock platforms so unless anyone's willing to take me out and show me the ropes I'd rather avoid the rocks for now as I mostly fish solo.

Any ideas?

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How far are you willing to drive and what species are you after? 

- dolls point in botany bay 

- the entrace 

- Kurraba St wharf fishes well when the tides are right iv caught bream, flathead, whiting, tailor and jewfish from this wharf. You can catch live bait such as yellowtail and squid at the wharf..... best fished after 8pm when the ferry schedules die off

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