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  1. Nice one mate. Definitely pays to fish the low tides in all those same zones. Oftentimes the fish are just little further off the bank than high tide. I've had some of my better sessions on the last of the runout.
  2. I run about an arm-span - probably slightly less once I've tied a knot
  3. I was using a 6lb co-polymer leader for a while. It was good but I never really noticed much difference in affecting the action of my lures or making it easier to work them. I switched to using 12-16lb fluro as I’m fishing a lot of structure on the kayak and need to be able to pull fish away pretty fast sometimes. Also it’s a bit of insurance for when the occasional kingfish takes a liking. The fish don’t mind at all and I lose less lures. I’ve not really explored using mono as leader for surface as I haven’t ever felt the need to. Not quite sure what would explain it - might be something weird about my way of doing it. I’ve honestly never had much issue with sinking leader. Probably best just to play around with it and see what works for you.
  4. Land based fishing for bream is tricky at the best of times - mid winter is very very tough in my experience. I doubt I'd be getting much without the kayak
  5. Ah mate I'm always very jealous of the southern anglers that have that option in winter. Yellowfin I fond are a much different prospect in winter and the chances if finding them in a shallow creek are very slim indeed. I'd love to bend your ear for some general locations for chasing black bream though - I'd be happy to take a drive while I'm waiting for the yellowfin to come back to life.
  6. I headed out the other day after a couple of weeks of seriously average fishing - even for winterl. I decided during the slower season to try to get my head around fishing blades in deep water around structure and under boats - definitely still need a bit of work at this. I've found myself busted off by good fish around mooring ropes a few more times than I'd care to mention. Anyone with winter bream fishing tips please feel free to chime in below - I'm all ears as I've found the bite to be very inconsistent day to day. Even through the winter I'm tragic enough to still always have a surface lure rod handy. There's room for 4 rods on my kayak so I've generally got a decent spread to cover most scenarios. Over the past couple of years I've come to build up a reasonable mental-rolodex of spots where I've managed to find surface feeding bream in the cold months - and once in a while one of these spots comes up with the goods. I've always maintained that, although the winter surface bites from bream are few and far between, they are normally responsible for better than average fish. I only had a short window to get out on Tuesday morning so I got up with enough time to get to Rozelle Bay for just before first light. Got a small bream first cast on the black blade - I think it's a Gomoku one. They all work as long as they're black and about 30-40mm. Not long after I had a cast with the Splash Prawn at a spot that's come through many times before. Sure enough I didn't stuff up the cast and landed the prawn within about 20cm of the edge of a pontoon over about 2-3m of water. Within a couple of short jabs of the lure a decent bream had one then two then three whacks at it before it covertly slurped the treble from underneath, getting the jump on me and heading straight for some wooden poles. I put a pretty substantial amount of hurt on what felt like a heavy fish until it took a powerful dive and pulled the hooks - rookie error on my part. That was gonna haunt me for the rest of the week. I pretty much thought that was my morning ruined at that point. I managed a few more small fish on the blade over the next hour. Tried a few more known surface spots but got nothing - the bite earlier had obviously been a fluke. I paddled over to the end near the fish markets for one last shot between the party boats. It was still shady back there even though the sun was well up by then. First cast between the boats attracted a menacing looking boil and a loud smack of a big bream hitting the air. He missed that time, but came straight back and nailed it taking an instant dive as soon as I put pressure on. I saw the line going almost horizontal and realised the fish was running under the boat next to us - for once I made the right move and jammed pretty much my whole rod into the water and managed to put enough pressure on to turn him. After a few more lunges and dives I had a very large bream in the net - he went 45cm to the tip. A proper donk. After a picture and a measure I put him back and he swam off happily. Pulled around the corner and cast between another couple of boats only to get nailed again by another smaller bream. And another a few casts later. I guess they're not all hanging on the bottom in winter hey? Funny how all the better quality fish that day were taken off the surface and the more conventional winter technique (blading) only seemed to come up with smaller fish. Gotta love when the fishing gods send a bit of love your way. Hope everyone's well and catching a few. Niall
  7. I believe his local waterway is Harrington on the mid north coast. Last time he was posting semi regularly he was planning on starting a business to teach people land based lure fishing. Maybe he thought the free video content was encroaching on his new business? I know he'd disabled comments on all his videos, probably to stop people revealing spots. I've been to Harrington a few times and I don't think a lot of the local fisho's appreciate his broadcasting some of the better local spots all over the internet - maybe he decided to take them down eventually out of respect for those folks. It was really easy to tell in a lot of videos where he was fishing based on the background if you knew he was in and around Harrington. Incidentally I can't recommend Harrington enough as a fishing destination. Hard to throw a lure anywhere in that place without pulling in a good flathead - my PB was from there at nearly 90cm. Definitely worth the drive.
  8. I haven't been fishing from shore nearly as much lately as I've been pretty enthusiastically throwing myself into kayak fishing for the past 18 months. One look out the window early this morning and I knew it was gonna be a tough one on the yak - big southerly and a sprinkle of rain. Rain I can deal with on the kayak but anything over a moderate wind I find really uncomfortable. I even made it to my launch at Birkenhead Marina this morning but bailed at the last second and decided on throwing a few lures around Iron Cove along the bay run. Probably the best fishing decision I've made in a while. The tide was still running out when I parked the car at sunrise. Not too many dog walkers around. I had an ever reliable MMD Splash Prawn tied on in the Honey Bee colourway - I have utmost confidence in this lure - it's caught me many, many fish. To be honest though I wasn't very confident at that point. The southerly was pretty nasty but I figured if I tried to fish with it on my back I could make things work. First cast along the edge got smashed before I could really even move the lure - definitely woke me up a bit. In came a 30 odd cm bream - not bad for a start. From then on it seemed like I couldn't cast anywhere without getting a follow or a hook up at least. In the first hour I think I landed 8-10 bream and a couple of tailor (they don't count in my world). Nothing massive, but it was clear that I was fishing in a serious bite window. That glorious "pop" of bream kissing at the lure was a near constant soundtrack for the morning. Add a couple of proper whiting in there to change things up and the first hour or so definitely had my confidence sky high. Good things never last right? Wrong! The bottom of the tide came and went. It made no difference. The sun came out. They kept on biting. Same lure, same technique. Pop, pop, BANG! There was definitely an increase in bites whenever I came to a particularly wind blown point and the better quality fish were being caught off the shallow, oyster covered rocks but really they were just everywhere and hungry. I kept walking and covering ground and just kept catching fish - there wasn't a dull moment in the full 4hrs I spent wandering the banks. It got to the point where if I didn't get a follow I just knew there wasn't a fish in that particular spot. I even managed a topwater flathead towards the end that would've been tipping the 50cm mark. I only stopped fishing when a bream finally got the better of me and busted me on some oysters at around 1030. Lure gone, I was tired, hungry and caffeine starved. Time to call it. I sat back in the car and just laughed at myself in disbelief - you really live for these sessions. I must have landed over 20 bream. Anyone looking to give this style of fishing a go - Now is the time. This really is my favourite time of year to fish. Tight lines, folks!
  9. Sorry this is a bit short notice but thought I'd put it out there. Anyone fished Woolooware Bay / Towra racks recently for bream? Heading out tomorrow on the kayak an wondering how it's fishing recently and if anyone's got any pointers. Have been once before and did ok but was a bit overwhelmed by all the options in the area. Cheers in advance!
  10. Not having any issues finding and catching fish. Just looking for people with kayaks that wanna join in 😂 Plenty of kings in the inner west mate - not so much this time of year.
  11. Hey Everyone, Putting the word out to anyone fishing Sydney from their Kayaks for bream (mainly) and kings (occasionally). You'd wanna be on a Hobie or something pedal based or you'll likely struggle to keep up. I love fishing heavy structure for bream using all kinds of lures - not very experienced on the kayak yet but I'm getting fish so I must be doing something right. I'm based in the inner west so Sydney Harbour, Cooks, Geroges and the Parra are my main hunting grounds. I'd love to fish further afield and explore Middle Harbour, Pittwater and the Hacking some more. I do shift work so most of my spare time is early to mid-week. Weekend trips are a rare occurrence these days. Hit me up if anyone wants to join and I'll send through my mobile number. I love fishing solo but it's so much easier to get yaks in and out of the water with two people. Cheers, Niall
  12. Yeah you'll definitely find the odd fish venturing up into the shallows throughout the day but more often than not they're all hanging together in the deeper water. Find that current and there'll be few there for sure. Judging by the few fish I've caught on other people's straight-through setups, it's a lot easier to keep a hold of fish (not really an issue when you're fishing plastics as it's a big single hook). You can also pole fish out of the water more readily because you needn't worry about a leader knot breaking.
  13. Probably best to leave it till spring/summer/autumn mate. It'll be a lot of casts between fish at this time of year unfortunately. Give it till September at the earliest
  14. Interesting you're using the straight through fluro for plastics fishing. I've always associated it more with fishing hardbodies and cranka crabs and the like - I believe it helps a lot in helping tiny treble hooks keep a hold of a fish. I've yet to venture down that road but I did drop a couple of fish the other day using cranka crabs w/ braid and I reckon a little stretch might have kept me hooked up in that scenario. I'll have to buy another reel now and try it out - my wife will be thrilled 😂 Definitely tough work throwing lures from shore in the winter - need to find that deeper water and some current. The bays that all fire in the summer go cold, still and clear this time of year. Fishing the edges is mostly fruitless unless you're out extra early or fishing nights I reckon.
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