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Fishy night on the beaches


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Hi folks, 

Did some beach fishing on the Northern Beaches last night. No wind, low swell - beautiful night. Arrived at around 6pm 

Started by using ganged pilchards (was too lazy to collect livebait tonight). Picked up a small salmon first up followed by a legal tailor - perfect. Threw out slabs of tailor whilst burleying hard with old fish frames and pillies. First fish up was a banjo ray, followed up by a bronze whaler and then a 60cm salmon that had engorged itself on my berley. Last fish of the night was a small bronzie. Also had a bust off by something large. The bite shut down at around 9pm so packed up.

Two salmon came home with me because my family likes them and my dog and cats LOVE them but not my cup of tea. Still waiting for my first jewfish but had an awesome night nonetheless 

Snapped a pic of the larger shark for memories sake 


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1 hour ago, captain_cook said:

Nice catch!

We were also out Friday night, we had similar success, 1 Banjo Ray, 2 Salmon over 55cm, some whiting.

Caught one legal Salmon Saturday morning, lost something decent on a metal lure. 

Nice to hear some whiting still around. What bait did they take? 

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