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Port Hacking - just a feed


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Headed out early this morning, up a bit from Lilli Pilli. Still plenty of small reddies eating whatever bait you throw at them. One reddie just made the size, and 2 tailor on fish strips on the bottom. Jackets on squid pieces, and some throw backs that were rather small.

Fishing is slowing down, fish sizes dropping, water cool and clear.

Probably my last outing for a while, as next week I am hooking up the caravan and heading to Qld for a few months. Mostly inland, so very little fishing predicted.

Good luck to those heading out for a fish.



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2 hours ago, arthur06 said:

Good haul of jackets and tailor, cutting it close with the red but awesome anyway. Nice

Tis close, but may not have survived. If he floated away dead, the sea eagle would have grabbed him, so better I have him instead. :D

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49 minutes ago, Scratchie said:

Nice yowie! The fish in the hacking will be relieved to see you leave for a while! :) Enjoy your your trip mate! 

Cheers scratchie!!! 


6 minutes ago, Regan said:

nice catch yowie,

enjoy your trip in QLD


2 minutes ago, ARC H said:

nice haul mate 

Thank you all. Will enjoy the warmer weather for a while, and maybe have a feed or 2 (shop bought though) of Qld fish. Last year I tried Spanish mack, small mouth nannygai and red emperor on the various BBQs while travelling around. The emperor was best.

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