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Squid 5-6-17


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On Monday my son and I plus 3 more blokes set out of port Hacking in search of squid.

We fished both in and out of the Hacking. We started at 7am and finished around 1pm.

We found squid just about everywhere we tried. Landing a total of around 60 squid.

We released the majority of them and took home around 20 odd between 5 of us.

At one stage we had young kingies swimming around the boat when we were releasing squid.

Most of the squid were too big for the Kings to eat so they just swam around looking at them.

We baited a couple of squid heads and threw them out. This resulted in two hook ups. One undersize

King was landed by one of the guys, and the other busted my son off on his squiding outfit.

Here's a few pics.



Squiding 5-6-17 with Dave Austin (2).jpg

Squiding 5-6-17 with Dave Austin (1).jpg

Squiding 5-6-17 with Dave Austin (8).jpg

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On ‎9‎/‎06‎/‎2017 at 7:45 PM, jenno64 said:

Great stuff and some good size amongst them.....were they out over the kelp or in inland bays?

We fished and found them in both.



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