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Flathead still on the chew


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Gday Raiders

Havent been out for a while, work and other comittments havent been playing nice but hey thats life ! If it were up to me id be fishing everyday in places like Weipa and NZ, but we have to pay the bills somehow !! Cant stop us from dreaming right??

Anyway, managed to get out yesterday with dad and one of his friends. Conditions were surprisingly comfortable and our guest didnt turn green which was good. 

We did our usual routine of trolling the headlands and then fishing the northern beaches. 

No takers on the troll, water tempts are really down now. We anchored up over some reefs early morning and burleyed for snapper. We hooked plenty of snapper but all at 29.99cm ! Very frustrating.  We moved around and tried a couple of reefs with similar results. Managed a nice 34cm trevally which we sent back to live another day. 

After giving the snapper a good 3 hours we moved onto the flathead grounds just after the turn of the tide, i wasnt expecting much given the recent weather and water temps but surprisingly they are still around and on the chew. We all managed a good feed of flatties, a mix of sand flathead, marbled and blue spots. Also managed a single flounder. 

The sun came out and at one stage i spent 20 minutes just toasting myself. 

Cant wait for summer to come back and all the fishing action it brings with it. 

Thanks for reading


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