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port stephens weekend


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thanks  mate  wanted slimies for snapper bait..just have to do the desperado bait run..tomaree .cabbage tree ..sisters..there was none at sisters coupla weeks ago..but it was big sea running..temp looks like 20.7 so might be there...rick

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yeah plenty all over the place at broughton..we bagged out on small reds 35/48 cm  couple of tailor bonnies and one mack tuna....got a few big bream from big island on the way home...hard fishing at broughton with wind against current again..lost two good reds to hooks pulling not impressed.but better than sitting at home wondering...rick

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1 minute ago, Scratchie said:

Better than sitting at home looking at the friggen ocean, wishing you were fishing! :( 

:DAt least you can see the ocean from your house

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