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Battery - to good to be true?


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Hi all,

I have dual battery setup, one battery started having troubles kicking over the motor even after being charged. Testing the battery with a load test said CCA too low. New battery purchased and installed.

with the dud battery in the garage, thought I'd give the ctek charger a go with the regen mode until I had a chance to dispose the battery. After a few days, retesting after the regen mode the battery now passes the load test. Is the ctek that good to bring a battery good or is it just a short term pass?


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Hi raging,

I think its a bit too hard to evaluate that. How old is the battery? If its not that old, could be that the CTek did help.

Best way to test it out is to bring the battery with you next time and swap it over then use it and see how you go.

This will give you a true indication and I would be interested to see the outcome as I, and a lot of others on this site have CTeks. :D

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