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Soft plastics in deep water


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Love using plastics over some of the deeper reefs in my area, talking 50-80m. Those in the know with plastics will be well aware of the lighter the jig head the better they swim or work but the problem is knowing if and when you get to the bottom especially when the current is running hard and you have to position the boat well infront of the drift structure.

So after hearing my daughter say race you to the bottom I had the idea to out do her on the next trip. So with a tub of rocks with heatgun glue sticking light cotton loops to the rocks in hiding I new she would soon utter those words race you to the bottom once again. With her plastic slowly falling I opened up my seat storage and pulled out a rock that I simply looped over my plastic hook. She knew she was beat and didn't even bother dropping any further and opted to pull up for one of my rocks. Looks like I'm now building an artificial reef over my snapper ground!!!

Rocks worked a treat, still need to keep touching the boat into reverse to help keep the line angle good. Next plan is trying for a blue eye trevala on a light plastic outfit.

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1 hour ago, rickmarlin62 said:

blue eye on light gear is a mighty challenge jon..hope you can pull it off ..I got one on 24kg braid on an eggbeater at browns mtn..only dropped once..460mtrs is a long wind    il stick to my electric..rick

I have a spot at 300m that fishes ok for them and gems. 

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5 hours ago, daniel akpinar said:

Hello mate

for the squidgy wriggler 80mm what colour will be the best for clear water WASABI OR BLOODWORM??? and what jig head


I don't think it really makes any difference, as soon as my favorate pink and white ones run out I find any colour left works just as well. I think more has to do with keeping the lure as light as possible so it has a nice wiggle to get an aggressive response. 

Im quite new to the plastics so far from an expert.  

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