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  1. Great video mate, another adventure for you and Amy!!
  2. @big Neil, you have a real talent for this, beautiful work mate. When we work out dates for a fish later this year, I want to put an order in!! cheers Hilly
  3. I haven't caught Trout Cod up here, only Murrays. I was told you can get them down in the Macquarie but not up here, not sure how accurate that is. Fishing here has been a bit hit and miss, definitely not as good as last season. There's still some magic moments, a mate and I were a long way down the river in kayaks a few days back , not a touch, then suddenly in 30 minutes we caught 5 including an 80 and a 75 for my mate within a couple of casts ..... then it shut down again!
  4. hey mate, good to see you get out for a fish and pick up a nice healthy trout cod, although you have plenty to keep you busy when conditions aren't great. As someone who loves the challenge of fooling a fish into eating a lure, I struggle to understand why the cowboys think that a set line is fishing!! cheers!!
  5. Nothing worse than that sinking feeling when you know you're about to get stuck, I've been there a few times - good to see plenty of hands to help and you got it out OK and have a great story to add to your travels!!
  6. hi mate, another great trip for you and Amy!! Tough to come back to chasing winter bream in Port after that!! cheers
  7. Nice work mate, an 86 is a very good river fish!
  8. If you make it as far as Tamworth, let me know for sure!!
  9. Definitely a lot better than when I last fished up that way late last year, I was looking at the McDonald water levels last week, it got a good flush in March and has stayed up a bit since then. Good luck mate!!
  10. Thanks mate, sounds like a good plan, I'm about to head up to western qld for 3 weeks, so the cod in some of my favourite spots won't have me annoying them for a few weeks.
  11. hey mate, let me know if you're heading down to Melbourne again, my best mate lives down there and fishes Port Phillip Bay, he'll take you out for a fish for sure. Hope you're doing well!!
  12. Its been a few months since I last posted a report, apart from fishing, we've had a few trips away as well as the usual chaos hanging out with the grandkids!! We were fortunate to get some good rain in April, which bumped up the river level, gave it a good flush and combined with the cooler weather, the fishing in the Peel has definitely improved. Its still tough to find real good fish but its rare to get a donut session now and my mate did manage to pick up an 80 recently in a piece of the river that doesn't see a lot of fishing pressure. Split Rock has been improving as well, and with the colder water temps, the topwater bite around the edges is becoming a better prospect. Apart from getting a few nice fish, the past few months have seen the usual crazy things that seem to happen while cod fishing ... - pulled up a yella that missed the hooks on the spinnerbait but had clamped down on the leg of the frog, stretching it and finally giving it up beside the kayak. - shocked to find a red belly black snake swimming under my kayak, I've seen plenty on the river but this one must have come off the snag I was casting at and I didn't see it till it was under the kayak - my mate saw a nice topwater lure up a tree in Split Rock, he threw a rope up to break the branch and as he flicked the rope over the branch, watched the lure bounce with the treble landing over the rope, and then slipped about 4 metres down the rope to him - best lure retrieval I've seen yet! Here are a few photos from the past few months .... As always, the scenery, sunrises and sunsets are magnificent and I have a few favourite spots to stop on the river for a coffee. And finally, there is a lot to love about living in Tamworth other than the fishing!!. Here's a shot of dinner cooking in the firepit in my backyard while enjoying possibly one of the best sunsets I have ever seen!!
  13. Yeah, probably more than one, or maybe one big one! All good here, been fishing a fair bit but too busy to put up a report, will try and post something in the next week or so!! Temperatures dropping and the cod are starting to fire up!!
  14. Beautiful water Neil, that big laydown you zoomed in on looks like cod paradise, there'd have to be one sitting behind it.
  15. I agree with Dave - cod are generally tough to catch in dams but senkos may be an option in a flowing river where you can target specific areas that cod are likely to sit in ambush however if it was me, I'd still be throwing something with more flash and action as I suspect a lot of cod hits are a reaction bite when fishing lures.
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