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Flies for Bream and Flathead


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This post is aimed at someone starting out chasing Bream and flathead on fly who doesn't know how to tie their own.

I'm cleaning out my fly box ( really an excuse to tie more flies) and have quite a few to pass on to a beginner for free. These are Crazy Charlie variants plus a few experimental patterns. Please only reply if you meet the criteria. I know how expensive it can be purchasing flies.  There are 50 odd flies in total. I'll divide them into 4 piles. I've been chasing Bream on fly for over 30 years, so I know most of these flies will take fish.

Posted free to the first 4 novice angles to contact me. 



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Hi Rob, welcome aboard.

thats very kind of you mate regardless of your alterior motive to tie more lol.

i hope they find a good home.

great generic fly the crazy Charlie’s.

Would love to see some pics of some of your ties. The keepers lol.

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I am determined to get the fly rod out this year! I’ve only ever used it once... reckon I’d be a chance for flathead, whiting and bream off Corlette beach down the end of my street on the rising tide if the noreaster’s not blowing.

A very generous offer, Rob. I’d take you up on your offer but give them to a young novice. ?

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Just moved to Sussex Inlet. I have dug my fly gear out for the first time iin 40 years. Surprise I can still get a fly out there, wet trout fly as I do not have any salt water stuff. Still learning. Jim

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