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St. George’s Basin


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Hi all, I would appreciate if someone could give me tips on fishing the basin in a boat. I have had good success in the inlet up to the bar, but have always wanted to catch the big snapper I see others catch in the basin.

thanks in advance 

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1 hour ago, Green Hornet said:

I've caught them in the basin up to a couple of kilos on 5 inch plastics while fishing for flathead drifting along the drop offs.

I know guys who anchor and burley just as you would fishing offshore but you need to know where to drop the pick.

Thanks a lot for that info. Are the reefs any good? Can you suggest any good spots to anchor? 

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As Green Hornet said. Fish the drop offs. You will need a fish finder as the drop offs vary from spot to spot. Some are a gentle rise and others quite steep. Out a bit from the eastern bank there is a slow rise where I have found the reddies like even though it is 7-8 metres deep. A gentle north-south drift works well.

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