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Squid tubes


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I take my grandson (9 and 10yrs old) out fishing, I target leatherjackets in Cowan Creek, yes they are a pest to some fisherman however you can keep them what ever size we our own size limit on. The boys love eating them.

I use squid tubes cut into strips and a small piece put on a #8 long shank hook, what I want to know does anyone know how to toughen the squid tubes. I marinate them in garlic and aniseed with salt and I need them harder. The leatherjack get to the bait before it hit the bottom.

The rig I use is a paternoster and they catch 2 at time and think it is great fun also they catch bream  our next challenge is flathead.

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I suggest you lay the tubes cut open on newspaper and salt heavily both sides..roll them up in the newspaper and put in freezer or similar bags and place in fridge for two or three days..the salt sucks all the moisture out and they should be heaps tougher...also best way of doing pillies...rick

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