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trip of a lifetime - need recommendations via pm


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Hi raiders,

Ive been catching up on recorded tv programmes and i think now is time i wanna organize a trip for myself, my old man, a couple of mates and their fathers.  After all we wouldnt have started fishing if it wasnt for them.  I have been watching a lot of mothership with day tenders sort of programmes and not too sure how old the programmes are either so not sure if the viewed charters still exist.  I keep seeing Weipa trips organized on fishraider and a lot of the fish i wanna cross off my bucket list are caught there, so perhaps there.  I am open to other suggestions though.

Fish i really wanna specifcally cross of my list are GT's and barramundi and perhaps with my passion for mulloway - black jew.  Other species could include jacks, spaniards, tuna even.

At the moment its definitely myself and my old man, with maybe 4 or 5 more people interested.  If anyone has any suggestions on places to fish for these species and charters also could you reply the location and maybe pm the charter you chose to use.

Like i said, this will more than likely be a once in a lifetime trip for most of us so dont really wanna hire a houseboat somewhere and venture off ourselves as I and most of us wouldnt have any idea how to target these species successfully.

Looking forward to receiving some advice from all those that have been on a similar trip



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