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New to Surf fishing


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Going to Durras Lakes for 2 weeks, staying caravan park that one side is the beach and the other is the lake.

I have everything for the lake for flathead ok it is the beach that I need some advice.

My gear is 12ft rod (several), Alvey reels and large spinning reels.

I bought a paternoster rig for whiting which has loop knots, my questions looking at surf rigs they use a 3way swivel which is the better to use. Target fish is whiting and bream.


thanks norm


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look up  spider hitch knot  tie one 6 inches down in 5 ft of line cut one leg 10/12 inches long  then tie another 2 ft down then cut that leg 10/12inches long then tie sinker at what length you desire..swivel tied to top 6/8 inch section ..instant dropper/paternoster rig....the spider hitch is a basic knot for creating doubles...rick

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