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year of moses


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when the bream seems to be fighting hard for its size usually turns out to be a moses.

The number in the Macleay seems to be up this year also, we not only caught them on lure and bait, we managed a 28cm model on the bait jig while catching herring.

Once they get over the 25cms they have a couple of tasty nice fat fillets on them.

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14 hours ago, rickmarlin62 said:

hi dave..the wouldn't put up much of a fight on your satan gear would they..bahahaha...nice lookin fish mate..always keep you honest on bream gear..good stuff buddy  keep catchin em ..rick

It's funny Rick I was fishing a 75mm double clutch on the satan stick yesterday and got a couple of mosies they packed a punch on a locked drag hate to think what an actual satan is gonna feel like 

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