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Hi raiders.

Been flipping back over old pages and couldn't find what im after.

When I go out fishing with my son , daughter and friends we all get fish (well most of the time) except my daughter .

I use white line that's faded the other one use rainbow and my daughter uses lime green but she never gets a fish could it be the lime colour .

We fish fresh and salt water what colour is most peoples favourite. THANKS

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I'm sure there is a debate on line colour affecting catch rates. I use white, bright yellow and pink. Never had a problem on any of these. 

I'm sure I have read that white is good for bait fishing. And colours better for lure as you can keep an eye on your line better. But if you are using a decent length of leader it shouldn't matter too much. Happy to be told otherwise. 

Is it mono or braid you are using? 




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I use blue mono for bait fishing in ocean areas..brown line for fresh...if using fluro green or pink  use a couple of feet of clear leader...if you can see the line fish see it twice as easy.....don't use the bright lines straight to the hook  they are designed for trolling or spinning so you can see where your line is while fighting fish..if using braid always use a length of mono/ fluorocarbon trace...rick

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I dont think line colour is that important I use lime green on one rod its shimano 10LB Kairiki SX8 (came free with the outfit) but always use a mono leader and catch fish. Just for the fun of it swap rods with your Daughter and see what happens

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