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Spit Bridge 25/1


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Saw a report on here a few weeks back from someone who said they had a bit of fun on makos at the spit one night. I was sure they were little bronzies but thought I have never fished there and with the boat out of action thought why not give it a go.

Of course the young fella wanted to come and naturally he invited his little mate which was great. They were that excited and went down to the fish markets to buy some bait. Best they had was some blue mackeral. That will do.

So we headed out about 8.30pm to set up. Put a line in and took two other light rods to jog for some squid.baits got destroyed pretty quick, nothing to report.

Then after about an hour and a half of jigging the young fella caught a 7 inch squid. OK let's give that a go. 

Whacked it on and threw it out. About 15 mins later he landed a PB flattie. Awesome fish. Removed the hook quick photo and away it went, much to the dismay of two other fellas who were there trying to catch squid as well - with no luck I might add.

Only downside was the wife who doesn't get it being furious about releasing her favorite meal and the fact the two young blokes were more determined than ever to catch another squid to put out. I finally convinced them at 1am it was time to go home and there were no squid cooperating.

Just shows good fresh bait and the game changes.




IMG_2259 (002).JPG

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