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another run up the Nymboida


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well another opportunity arose for a Nymboida run this time I decided to try a bit more secluded water.

the river looked great as usual at the crossing I'd fished last time but this time I wanted bigger fish so kept driving along into a side road and down to a much more isolated section of the river

the terrain and scrub was nasty at best but brutal would not be going to far


it was a hell of a mission getting close enough to the water for a cast


but worth every scratch and swear word when you find places like this

after many many many casts things were looking bad but out of the corner of my eye I spotted a hidden underwater boulder with a nice piece of water between it and the bank after placing a perfect cast thinking probably gonna be in trouble if it gets eaten the satan stick buckled in half and it was instant lock up go for broke to keep my brand new spinnerbait from an untimely end this fish really put on a show he was so stubborn I got saturated twice trying to land him and finally out came a beautiful low 50's eastern cod 


I used the tripod with the timer on the camera seemd to work ok


they are such a beautiful fish never get sick of them


and a privelage to watch them swim away 

after that high the weather literally changed on an instant with a stormfront coming from nowhere so it was a quick retreat as once the tracks muddy up could be stuck down there for a week

so covered in blood and bruises from crashing through the bush for one fish, I was still pumped with a big smile on my face thats fishing the Nymboida

cheers for reading 


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