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something different for 2018..... finally


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Well as known 2018 has seen nothing but Moses perch for me in the salt

today I hit the marina at Coffs just hoping for something different to get my mojo back and I decided it was time to go to drastic measures and fish soft plastics (as most people know I'm generally a hardbody fisher) so it was some zman gubz 2.5" on a 1/16th head

started punching casts out and on my probably 4th cast came up tight on a fish when I first saw the reddish colour all I could think was Mosie but it was goatfish low 20's first one I've caught


then I manged to find some bream the medium sized fish were patrolling in schools along the rocky edges so it was a matter of landing the grub amongst the school and twitching it 


not big fish but still bream


a  lot of fun sight casting them 


did get a slightly better specimen

and then of course no January fishing would be complete without a Moses perch got him on a hardbody cast up against some structure 


that was it for a short but fun session nice to get amongst some bream again

cheers for reading 


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