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Looking for a Fishing Buddy


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G'day Raiders!

Im looking for a fellow salty seadog who is keen to get stuck into some toothy critters offshore!

Currently  based in Brunswick and more than happy to pay for fuel ,gear,bait and snacks (no bananas) :D

Ive been off the tinnie for a while now due to a wrist injury (cant cross the bar safely) but would love to get out on the water in the next week or so, 

Can travel and WILL travel a large distance to  get some tight lines! After all its always worth it!

Happy Fishing!!

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If you need a fishing partner in the future i am available. I am a 
64 year old semi retired active male and live in Paddington Sydney 2021. 
Available 7 days or nights  a week by arrangement. Willing to travel out 
of Sydney. I have my own transport and fishing gear, (i do not 
have heavy duty offshore fishing gear). I have average fishing skills. I 
am experienced at launching & retrieving, cleaning & maintaining boats. 
Cleaning, scaling, filleting fish. No problem paying for fuel, bait, 
food, etc. You are welcome to contact me any time for future fishing 
trips. Keith. 0427292391. buildingservices@bigpond.com
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