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Far North Coast / Yamba and Iluka fishing trip


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Hey fishos, 

Heading to Iluka and Yamba on the Far North Coast (NSW) for a week long fishing trip in a couple of weeks.  (mid-October)

Currently researching the area, trying to find out the best way to go about the trip, there seems to be so many good land based spots to try!

Both break walls look and sound amazing from what I've read. North or South wall and why? Any tips around how to rig, snags etc? 

We're also keen on rock fishing, we're pretty experienced wish ledges and safety first of course but from what I've found online there's a couple rock spots nearby that look good (Angourie Point, Woody Head) Have you ever fished there and would you recommend it? 

Any general advice and things to be wary of whilst fishing the area? 

I'm not expecting anyone to send their secret spots or anything but just keen to get a bit more info about the location from anyone who's experienced it themselves. 

Any guidance and advice would be greatly appreciated.



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