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Roof rack rod/tackle systems?


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I am looking for ideas on how people carry their rods and tackle on their roof racks. I am thinking of just getting a 150mm pipe with pipe clamps to bolt into the roof racks, but before I do, I wanted to get your ideas and opinions.

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I have a couple of options depending on where I'm off to:

- longer trips for beach rods I use the lockable rhino rack ski holders, same as xerotao mentioned

- shorter trips for beach rods, I use the Alvey roof rack rod carriers that clamp onto the end of the racks, ideal to leave a reel on the rod and I use velcro strap to tie them, simple and quick to use

- longer trips for my boat rods, I have a few travel tubes and I put them into the tubes and tie them on the roof or in the boat.


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