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Fair Dinkum

Fair Dinkum

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I'm new to Fishraider  for which I thank the admin for accepting me. I am renovating a 3 metre tinnie for fishing mostly freshwater, generally inland impoundments and rivers  The original interior colour is yellow which is a safe colour I know but is quite glarey on a sunny day. Thinking of a mid grey or blue both calming easy on the eye colours. I would appreciate some advice from some of your experienced boaters. thank you . Fair Dinkum.

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Hi fair dinkum how ya going mate... Definitely come to the right place for advice on boats and fishing that's for sure alot of good guys and girls willing to help along the way 

As for the inside of the boat I'd get rid of the yellow I done one before was white on the inside and had grey aluminium checkerplate floor... Helped with the glare also like in my freedom sport it's like white with flicks of other colours I'm guessing to break the glare... But yeah heaps more safer things to do than have a canary yellow boat 

Anyway cheers and good luck with it 


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