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  1. 95 and still fishin' And having a beer with a smile on the dial What a champion
  2. I get it but shouldn't the same rules go for everyone on site ? There are literally thousands of issues on here naming specific brands once again outboards reels and even lures Freedom of speech Or is that just for seasoned raiders ? I've said what I've had to say with no decent reply or answer So I guess we will leave it there Cheers
  3. Oh another word of advice .... Dealers mark up everything so if I was to to buy a second hand one from a stealer I mean dealer sorry May as well buy a new one My 2 cents Because all they've done is got it from a trade in or whatever gave it a service and doubling what they got it for a lot of good diy threads on here and the net Could probably even fix the one you got with a bit of research Just my 2 cents
  4. Like don't get me wrong I'm not having a go but what is a new member spose to say I have a ***** ***** with a **** issue just trying to get some info already contacted ****** but didn't get the info I was looking for on the ***** issue if you have the same ***** issue can you please pm me ?
  5. Sorry to miss quote you Pete ....big issues Maybe big issues are faults Round here Yeah guys he was just reporting a few issues I don't see a problem just went through the forum and found heaps of em
  6. And no people can't sue you just there product has faults And letting the people know isn't wrong at all?
  7. Ay pull up not having a go But people have the freedom of speech in Australia ? Obviously not on fishraider
  8. It's a weird issue ? People recommend and tell others about faults in rods reels lures and outboards And so they should ? As it could save someone's life What ever the mystery issue might be ?
  9. I think I'd rather go 2nd hand as new like run in etc any faults might be already fixedand mainly cost Mines a 2004 model and it's presents and runs like new ( 90 hours ) And if it's FG definately go bigger if your transoms in good solid shape
  10. Top stuff dirvin And some nice photos to Gonna go for some trout soon myself only ever used tassie devils might mix it up a bit and try some of the ones you mentioned up Cheers Damn just read the trout closure starts on the 13th of June ? Time to put the rod down I think and pick up the bow
  11. Just received re read your post about the platypus Surprised savage or someone hasn't made a platypus lure I reckon a metery would love chowing down on one of em
  12. Nice ...yep they are definately there just smarter than the lil ones I think ...right place, right time ,right snag ,right lure or bait ,right barometric pressure ,right attitude ,right shoes And it's on Now to go find that perfect pair of shoes ?
  13. Top stuff Dave Nice fish mate What part of the world were you fishing ?
  14. Nice work big fella Sooner or later a meterys gotta show its ugly mug ?
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