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Brisbane Water Bream Plan B


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So the plan was to fish the last of the run in and high change chasing Jewys around Brisbane Waters this morning. Water was super clear and warm and we found some good likely looking bait schools on the sounder. Threw everything at them for a good three hours with one dropped fish which I was suspect was a king anyway. Plan B my mate suggested some top water action for some bream in some nearby racks. If anybody knows me I’m the biggest bream critic ever and was not keen. Run out tide we caught some good sized bream and lost a few stonkers to the right structure. Something I would never do I could not wipe the smile of my face after was so stoked something different that I would not normally do paid off. All fish off small stickbairs and surface lures in the middle of the day




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Nice one Tyrone.  I can totally relate to your attitude towards bream.  I've come around in recent times too.  The surface strikes are awesome and they can be a real challenge around structure.

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