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Fish farm


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Lookup aquaponics.


I know a guy who has a tank roughly that size. He grows veges on top, that are fertilized by the poo from the fish living underneath, and the plants provide oxygen for the fish. Brilliant setup. He has Silver Perch but you can have just about any fresh water species. Redfin are good eating! You’ll need a heater for Barra or other tropical species though.

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I do that. I have a 1000 litre plastic tank with Silver perch in it. I ordered them

online and they turned up in the post. I pump the water up to a grow bed, this is a big container 

that is filled with gravel, and I planted veges in it. The water is filtered and runs back clean, in to the tank.


Depends where you are, what fish you get. I'm on the Central Coast, too cool in winter for Barra, and too hot in summer 

for trout. Silver perch are a good compromise. Its not cheaper than buying from the super market, but I've enjoyed it. Perch are about 25-30 cm atm, and its taken about 3 or 4 years to get that big. I haven't been trying too hard to get them to grow too fast


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